#1125 Practicing Gratitude

Right Before That Chat With the Supervisor

In our last +1, we played the “I want to speak with your supervisor!” game.

You play it yet?

If not, try it.

It’s truly awesome. 🤓

As you’ll recall, the most important part of the process is to start with the end in mind—knowing that it’ll end with you praising the awesomeness of the rep who helped you.

(btw: When you chat with the supervisor, tell THEM how great of a job THEY must be doing to have such a great team member. Then you get a double bump of awesome. 👯 )


Today I want to talk about how to get some bonus points as we practice our philosophy and play the game of life well.

Here it is.

Before you make the call—right before you commit to ending it with the supervisor chat—take a moment to practice a little gratitude.

Presumably, you’re calling the company to get help with a service they provide.

Well, what service is it?

Recall that we have two options: We can take the service for granted OR we can take it *as* granted.

As Robert Emmons tells us, we can act entitled or we can have the humble perspective to realize that we are so ridiculously blessed it’s astonishing.

That’s Today’s +1.

Super simple.

Let’s use every opportunity we can to be grateful.

As we practice our philosophy.


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