#1124 May I Speak With Your Supervisor?

I Want to Tell Them How Awesome You Are!

In our last +1, we spent some time with Seneca and the Buddha and Walter Russell—reminding ourselves of the importance of doing the mundane, less-than-inspiring tasks with all we’ve got.

Making it ALL a part of our practice.

I mentioned the fact that we’re moving.

I’ll be sharing more on why and where and all that soon.

Of course, as part of that, I’ve been collecting a lot of information to close the transactions.

As part of THAT I’ve been on the phone with a lot of customer service reps.

And that leads us to the game I like to play to make it all awesome.

Here it is.

Before I even start the call, I know how it’s going to end.

It’s going to end with me asking: “Hey! Can I speak with your supervisor? I want to tell them how awesome you are.”

I actually get a little misty typing that as I feel the power of that little micro-moment of Love 2.0 I feel EVERY single time I do that.

Here’s how it goes in case you want to play the game, too, as we sprinkle a little more Love in the world.

Step 1. Before the call, know how it’s going to end. (Hint: With you speaking with their supervisor!)
Step 2. Call the company.
Step 3. Be super cool and act like you’re talking to an awesome human rather than an anonymous stranger who’s just helping you complete a transaction. (Pro tip: Ask where they’re based and pull that thread to get warmed up…)
Step 4. Get what you need to get done and make it fun.
Step 5. End it with the “Hey! Can I speak with your supervisor? I want to tell them how awesome you are!” line.


That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s practice our philosophy.

As we remember that it’s the MICRO moments of awesome that shape our lives and get us in shape for the big moments that demand our best.

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