#1808 Past vs. Present Tense

We’re Never Exonerated

I’m typing this the night before we kick off our first Heroic Workshop Instructor training.

120 Heroic Coaches from 110 cities, 13 countries (and 33 US states!) are joining us for our inaugural training in Austin, Texas.

Note: We’ll be doing a European training in Athens in November (it’s gonna be awesome!) and a second North American training in Arizona in October (that will be awesome as well 😉). Sign up or learn more.


This morning, a couple of our awesome Heroic team members (love you, Nat and Isaiah!) cruised out to the Johnson Ranch to pick up some of the event gear we store in our barn.

As you know if you’ve been following along, we live out in the country and have a little land. On that land, we have a little trail. It’s a half a mile loop.

Nat and Isaiah and I went on a walk. Three of our dogs (all of which we rescued!) joined us: Zap, Wags, and Scout.

Near the end of our walk (after Nat and Isaiah blessed my pull-up tree bar with a set of pull-ups—nice work guys! 💪!!), Isaiah thanked me for doing the hard work to move out of my comfort zone decades ago to find a path with purpose that led to me creating Heroic that led to us creating the opportunity for him to be doing such meaningful work with us.


Isaiah is (goosebumps) one of THE kindest, most thoughtful, most humble, most Soul Force-infused human beings I’ve ever met.

His gratitude was authentic and beautiful and heartfelt. I felt it.


After I thanked him for his kind words, I laughed.

Because the verbs he used to describe all my challenges were ALL in the past tense.

I literally started laughing as I pointed that out to him and then I let him know that I’m STILL facing challenges to forge a life of meaning, live in integrity with my values, and do all I can to help fulfill our mission—but only EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

😳 🤯!!

Tragically, I will not be the first human being exonerated from the pain, uncertainty and constant work to meet all of life’s inevitable challenges.


Neither will YOU.


That’s Today’s +1.

Here’s to remembering that our infinite potential is, by definition, never reached.


Let’s remember that our infinite potential exists just outside our comfort zone as we ALSO remember the fact that exiting our comfort zone, by DEFINITION (!) feels UNCOMFORTABLE.

Say it with me now…

We love PUH.

We love PUCW.

It’s Day 1.

We’re ALL IN.

Let’s go!

P.S. You know what Isaiah does for us these days? He’s basically our enrollment officer for Heroic Coach.

He went through our program forever ago.

Then he said some really kind things about the fact that this was the best education he’s gotten. And he went to Penn, Berkeley Law School, etc.

Now he gets to share that passion with our prospective Coaches.

So… If you’ve ever considered joining Heroic Coach and would like to schedule a time to connect with Isaiah and learn more about why he thinks it’s pretty awesome, you can find a time here.

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