#637 Ownish vs. Victimese

Learning a New Language

In Steve Chandler‘s great little book called Reinventing Yourself he makes a distinction between being an “Owner” vs. a “Victim” (It’s very much like our whole “Victim vs. Creator” paradigm.)

One of the things he points out is that the LANGUAGE of an Owner is very different from the language of a Victim.

Here’s how he puts it: “Owners use the words ‘I can’ a lot, while victims favored ‘I can’t.’ Owners had goals, projects, and challenges, whereas victims had problems, hassles, and nightmares. Owners said they were busy, and victims said they were swamped. Owners were ‘designing a life,’ while victims were ‘trying to make a living.’ Owners were psyched and excited about changes in the workplace, while victims were worried and ticked off. Owners looked to see what they could get from an experience, while victims tried to get through it. Owners would plan things and victims would wish things.

Pop quiz!!

What’s YOUR native language? 🤓

Know this: “This link I’d seen between language and performance was interesting, but what was even more exciting was how people’s lives would change once they began practicing using new language.

Today’s +1.

We’re all, shall we say, bilingual in both Ownish and Victimese.

But… How about we practice our Ownish a little more today and become a lot more mindful of when we might be slipping into Victimese?!

Oh! Want to go extreme? Learn Extreme Ownish a la the Extreme Ownership guys Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. One of the keys to mastering that dialect?

NEVER make excuses, criticize or complain. Period. 🤠

Here’s to your Ownish awesomeness!

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