#402 Oops to Optimizing

Squeezing a Little Lemon on Your Life Salad

In Cooking 101, Alexandra shared ten of our favorite, simple, everyday go-to recipes. My major contribution to the class? Nearly blowing up the Vitamix while demonstrating how I make one of our standard salad dressings. (Hah! 🤡)


These days I’ve been going with a simpler method of splashing on some healthy oil (typically Thrive Algae Oil for curious souls) along with some Coconut Aminos (we like this brand) and then finishing with a little squeeze of half a lemon. It’s surprisingly good! (Hah. Try it! 🤓)


That’s not the point of Today’s +1.

This is: I woke up this morning thinking about how that little squeeze of lemon is kinda like that +1 on How to Turn Life-Lemons into Optimizade.

Only, in this scenario, we’re not trying to make a full pitcher of Optimizade, we’re just doing a quick little lemon squirt on the salad that is our lives. (Zesty!)

We can also connect it to the +1s on making sure we never waste a mis-take and the whole “Needs work!” idea.

Make a little mistake? Awesome. Don’t waste it. Step back, see what needs work and squeeze that lemon into a little zesty Optimization today!


And, remember that the most important part of all of our work together is to actually DO THE WORK. As in, reach into the toolbox and find the tool you need to use RIGHT NOW to alchemize the oops into incremental Optimization.

So, let’s get practical.

What’s the most recent little “Oops” that comes to mind?

Don’t overthink it.

Yep… That one is perfect!

Take a moment to see how you could have done things just a + differently.

Squeeze that lemon on your life salad. Doesn’t that little hit of zest taste nice? 👨‍🍳

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