#401 Love 2.0 (vs. Love 1.0)

Ready to Upgrade Today?

Barbara Fredrickson is one of the world’s leading positive psychologists. She wrote a book called Love 2.0 in which she challenges us to upgrade our Love OS.

Here’s the short story.

Most of us think of love as something reserved for the precious few people in our lives — our family and our most intimate friends. That kind of love is (obviously) wonderful, but Barbara describes that as Love 1.0.

Love 2.0?

Love 2.0 moves beyond our immediate, intimate circle and expands into our everyday lives. Barbara tells that in any given interaction we can create what she calls “micro-moments of positivity resonance.”

“Love is that micro-moment of warmth and connection that you share with another living being.”

She tells us to make it a practice. To look for those potential micro-moments of positivity resonance and make it a habit to slow down, connect and share a warm, positive moment with another human being.

That’s Today’s +1.

Look for an opportunity to connect with someone today.

Could be on your morning hike (I have what I now call my “Love 2.0” friends) or at the grocery store or just walking down the street.



All day. Every day.

+2.0 +2.0 +2.0

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