#1722 My New Batphone #

Is… 212-451-2255

In our last +1, you got a new batphone with your new Heroic phone number.

It’s 212-451-2000.

You want to make sure you trade contact info with your daimon and then keep that batphone on and ready to answer the call to your next Heroic adventure at all times of the day and night.

You never know when your daimon might need to get in touch with you. 🤓


Right after creating that last +1, I smiled. Then I went to reread my text exchange with my friend to make sure I captured the essence of his great wisdom.


I went to our app and updated my Heroic Work Identity so I could remind myself of my friend, our friendship, and his Heroic leadership and wisdom.


My go-to Heroic Work Identity these days is “Heroic Φ-CEO.”

(The Φ is the Greek symbol for “Phi” which, for me in this context, represents “Philosopher.”)

Every single morning I recommit to being a worthy leader of our Public Benefit Corporation and movement as I feel into what it means for me to play my role as a Heroic philosopher (creating these +1s and PNs) and a Heroic CEO (shaping the vision and forming the relationships with our community, partners, and investors that will catalyze our movement).

I recommit to living in integrity with the virtues that the best, most Heroic version of me embodies as I tap-tap-tap in our Heroic App and silently say to myself:

“I am Fiercely Ambitious.” (Inspired by Abraham Lincoln.)

“I am Focused on WIN [What’s Important Now].”

“I am Unapologetically Intense.”

“I have a Sense of Duty.” (Inspired by those who serve us in the military.)

“I am a Quiet Professional.” (Inspired by special forces operators who just do their job and don’t make it a big (self-congratulatory) deal.)

“I am Humble.”

“I have Indomitable Will.”

(Note: The combo of this virtue and humility are the two attributes of Jim Collins’s Level V leader I aspire to be.)

“I am Decisive.”

“I am Antifragile.”

“I am Honest.”

“I am Competent.”

“I am Forward-looking.”

“I am Inspiring.”

(Note: According to the top scholars on the science of leadership (see Notes on The Leadership Challenge), those last four virtues are THE top virtues people look for in leaders. Therefore… I recommit to living with them every.single.day!!)

And, finally…

“I am Magnanimous.” (As per one of the final chapters in my book, to be “magnanimous” is to “have a great Soul”—which is, of course, the ultimate game I’m playing.)



I invest the 30 seconds it takes to recommit to WINNING THE ULTIMATE GAME OF LIFE by LIVING IN INTEGRITY WITH THOSE VIRTUES.

(IMPORTANT Longer-Chat Note: It’s this relentless commitment to connecting to our VIRTUES that makes the Heroic App so much more than just another “habit tracker.”)


Back to my updated Identity.

I just made it…

“HEROIC Φ-CEO = 212-451-2255”

I’ll tell you why I made those last four digits “2255” rather than “2000” in our next +1.

For now…

Know this…

Neuroscientists say that one of the fastest ways to change your life is to create constant reminders of who you aspire to be.

It’s why changing your password and other things is a “neurohack” Sean Young recommends in his great book Stick With It.

For now…

I repeat…

Turn up the heat. 🔥


Your daimon is calling you at your new Heroic batphone # 212-451-2000.

Answer the call to YOUR Heroic adventure.


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