#1361 Mental Toughness for Families

Starts with YOU

Joe De Sena is the founder of Spartan and one of my favorite human beings on the planet.

We’ve featured wisdom from a bunch of his great books. We started with Notes on Spartan Up! Then we featured Spartan Fit! then we featured The Spartan Way.


When Joe told me he was creating a book that was all about mental toughness for FAMILIES, I knew it would be awesome.

The book is called 10 Rules for Resilience.

If you love Joe’s unapologetically intense, no-nonsense style and are looking for ways to cultivate more resilience within YOUR family, I think you’ll love this book as much as I did. (Check out the Notes for some of my favorite Ideas.)

Today’s +1 is REALLY simple.

Do you want YOUR FAMILY to be more mentally tough?

Perfect. Me, too.

Guess what?

As Joe says: “We can’t expect our children to be healthy and resilient humans if we aren’t.”

Our kids, ultimately, aren’t going to listen to what we SAY as much as they will follow what we DO.


It’s time to do the work and forge our antifragile confidence so we can have the strength for two and be the Hero our families need us to be.

Not someday.


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