#237 Making Waves

And Riding them to Your Highest Potential

In our last +1, we talked about the importance of honoring your ultradian rhythms—remembering the fact that our performance atrophies after about 90 minutes of work. Unless we enjoy poor performance, chronic fatigue and depression, we’d be wise to take regular breaks to reboot. 😃

Let’s talk about that some more.

Tony Schwartz is one of the world’s leading authorities on managing our energy. He wrote The Power of Full Engagement and runs a company focused on energy optimization.

He tells us that life is rhythmic. Think: High tide and low tide. Day and night. Winter and summer. That sort of thing.

If we want to Optimize, we need to follow the natural rhythms of our world and “make waves”—oscillating between being ON and being OFF.

And, if we REALLY want to Optimize, we want to expand the amplitude of those waves as much as we can—being intensely focused when we’re on and then equally relaxed when we’re off.

Waves. Oscillating. With big amplitudes.

In Maximize Your Potential, Tony tells us that most people are just kinda sorta in a steady state all day—free from highs and lows and never REALLY going all in and never really turning completely off.

As always, doing what most people do is a fantastic way to live a mediocre life. Not so great for living an extraordinary life.

(On that note: I always laugh when I think of Mark Twain’s quip: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Hah!)


Today’s +1. How are your waves?

When you’re on, are you REALLY ON or just kinda sorta going through the motions on?

And, when you’re recovering, are you REALLY recovering or just kinda sorta checking out?

Make waves. Big ones.

Ride them to your highest potential.

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