#251 Combination Locks

Ideas that Open the Doors to Your Infinite Potential

In our last +1, we talked about the fact that we have a baby on the loose in the Johnson house. We also talked about how all those tiny incremental, almost-imperceptible gains can add up to making the impossible easy.

Here’s another metaphor for that process.

Jim Rohn tells us that integrating life-changing ideas into your life is a bit like figuring out a combination lock.

He tells us: “Ideas can change your life. And sometimes all you need is just one more good idea in a series of good ideas. It’s like dialing the numbers of a combination lock. After you’ve dialed five or six numbers, the lock may not come open. But you probably don’t need five or six more numbers. Maybe you need just one more number, one more idea. Maybe a seminar or a sermon can provide it. The lyrics from a song could do it. The dialogue from a movie could do it. Conversation with a friend might do it. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll find that one last idea you need.

Once you find that idea, the lock comes open, and there’s the door for you to walk through. Just one more idea, no matter where you get it, may be all you need to open that door of opportunity.”

I love that.

It captures the essence of what we’re doing with these +1s.

Let’s open some locks.

And step into the doorways of our infinite potential.

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