#234 If We Worked Together 1-on-1

I’d Ask You This Question

If you and I worked together 1-on-1, we’d talk about a lot of fun things.

You and your heroic potential. Your #1 wildly important goal. What you’re going to do every.single.day in pursuit of that goal. Your Big 3 of Energy + Family + Service. What might be getting in the way of you making your life a masterpiece.

That kind of stuff.

But, there’s definitely one thing I KNOW we’d chat about.

Your fundamentals.

You know how when you go to the doctor they tap your knee to check your reflexes?

Well, when you come to me, I tap your fundamentals.

It’s super simple.

Me: “Eat. Move. Sleep. How are we doing? Where are we strong? What needs work?”

It’s amazing how that simple question elicits some powerful distinctions.

Client: “Well, my eating is pretty good. I’m not moving as much as I’d like. But my sleep is just terrible. I really need to do X, Y, and Z.”

Me: “Awesome. What’s the #1 thing you could do that would most help you Optimize right now?”

Client: “Oh. X. For sure.”

Me: “Fantastic. Let’s rock that. What, specifically, will you do?”

Client: “I will do THIS…”

Now, that #1 thing might not seem like a big deal. But it is. Your doctor gets nervous if your knee doesn’t respond to his little tap. We should get nervous if your fundies aren’t dialed.


Your turn:

Me: “Eat. Move. Sleep. How are we doing? Where are we strong? What needs work?”

You: “ ________________________________.”

That’s Today’s +1 coaching.

Go rock it.

I look forward to seeing you and your fundaknee at our next appointment! 😃

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