#233 Gandhi Binge Watching TV Shows

It’s Not Going to Happen (How About You?)

A few +1s ago, we talked about your Top 3 heroes.

Who are yours?

My heroes include Epictetus, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Steve Jobs.


Pick one for now.

Imagine that hero of yours going through their Masterpiece Day. They’re not perfect, of course, and they have bad days just like the rest of us but they’re deeply committed to doing some great stuff in service to the world.


Is it possible for you to imagine someone like a Gandhi or a Marcus Aurelius or a Mother Teresa blowing their brains up all day every day with push notifications and obsessive email checking and binge watching the latest TV show?

The idea is absurd.

And, I find that bringing that image to mind helps me when I feel tempted to do stupid stuff like that. (Hah.)

Our heroes CARED SO MUCH about mastering themselves in service to the world that they DIDN’T CARE about all the distracting nonsense going on in the world that occupied most of their contemporaries’ attention.

And, very importantly, they were willing to do the VERY hard work of attaining a high level of mastery such that they could focus their attention on what truly mattered to them.

Today’s +1. How about you?

Let’s bring to mind our heroes and ideal sages. Imagine them rocking their day.

Now go rock YOUR day.

And… Bring your heroes to mind when you feel tempted to do silly impulsive, distracting things.

Then make yourself and your heroes proud as you as you choose to express the highest, most noble and heroic version of yourself more and more consistently.

+1. +1. +1.

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