#627 “If I Had Zero Fear…”

I Would Do THIS!

In our last +1, we talked about driving with your brakes on. We took a nice, deep breath and then we took our foot off the fear-of-failure brakes.

Today I’d like to talk a little more about what you would do if you had no fear.

Obviously, fear can be a useful emotion. Except when it isn’t.

So… If you’re feeling so inspired, bust out a blank piece of paper and grab a pen. (Yes, of course, you can make notes on your phone but a) there’s something about going old-school with a pen and paper that is magical; and, b) as we discussed in Conquering Digital Addiction, when you CAN do something without technologically, go for it!)


The exercise goes like this.

At the top of that piece of paper, write down:

If I had zero fear, I would…

Then give us 11 things you’d do (Champions-do-more style), please.

Note: Don’t overthink it. Just tip your head to the side and write down what spills out. Give yourself 2 or 3 or 5 minutes max to do it for the first pass. We’re not looking for perfection here. We just want to see what bubbles up.

If I had zero fear, I would…

1. __________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________
6. __________________________________________________________
7. __________________________________________________________
8. __________________________________________________________
9. __________________________________________________________
10. __________________________________________________________
11. __________________________________________________________


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