#1116 How to Make an OMMS Sandwich

Start with the Meaty-Obstacle + Add Goodness

Not too long ago we talked about how to operationalize Antifragile OMMS via a 1-2 then 1-2-3 process.

Start with Wisdom + Self-Mastery then throw in some Gratitude, Hope and Zest and voila!


As I was falling asleep last night I was thinking about this whole process (“That’s like me!”) and the noodling continued on the Trail this AM. 🍜

I’m thinking we can evolve the protocol into making metaphorical OMMS sandwiches.

Although I’m not a big sandwich-eating guy these days, it goes something like this.

Start with your meaty-challenge. (Vegan options available.) That’ll be the middle of our sandwich.

Our bread will be our Wisdom and Self-Mastery. (Paleo options available.)

How about Wisdom on the bottom? We know the game we’re playing so when we see a challenge we know it’s time to practice our philosophy as we roll up our sleeves, rub our hands together and get ready to roll.

Self-Mastery will be the top. We know that knowing what to do isn’t enough. We’ve gotta actually do it. Theory to Practice to Mastery, baby!

Now it’s time for some virtue add-ons.

Perhaps our Gratitude serves as a nice little lettuce layer.
Perhaps our Hope serves as whatever else you like to have in your sandwiches. 🤓
Perhaps our Zest serves as the perfect condiment. Squirt. Spread.

And, of course, feel free to build your own OMMS sandwich with any other virtue you think fits. A little Self-Awareness? Curiosity? Kindness? Compassion? Courage? Playfulness?

The sky’s the limit.

Make it the way you love it.

And eat it.

One bite at a time.




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