#1194 How to Learn FASTER

Forget + Act + State + Teach + Enter + Review

Today we’re going to revisit Jim Kwik’s brain and book Limitless for some of his wisdom on FASTER learning.

Recall that Jim is one of the world’s leading authorities on speed reading and effective learning—which is particularly awesome because, when he was a child, he suffered a traumatic brain injury that slowed down his rate of learning and led one teacher to describe him as “the kid with a broken brain.”

And, yes, his real last name is “Kwik.” 🤓


Mr. Jim Kwik tells us: “Here is a simple method for learning anything quickly. I call it the FASTER Method, and I want you to use this as you read, starting now.

The acronym FASTER stands for Forget, Act, State, Teach, Enter, Review. Here’s the breakdown:

F is for Forget – The key to laser focus is to remove or forget that which distracts you. …

A is for Act – Traditional education has trained many people that learning is a passive experience. You sit quietly in a class, you don’t talk to your neighbor, and you consume the information. But learning is not a spectator sport. The human brain does not learn as much by consumption as it does creation. …

S is for State – All learning is state dependent. Your state is a current snapshot of your emotions. It is highly influenced by your thoughts (psychology) and the physical condition of your body (physiology). …

T is for Teach – If you want to cut your learning curve dramatically, learn with the intention of teaching the information to someone else. Think about it: If you know you have to give a presentation on what you learn, you will approach how you learn the topic with the intention of mastering it well enough to explain it to someone else. …

E is for Enter – What is the simplest and most powerful personal performance tool? Your calendar. We enter important things on our schedule. … Do you know what a lot of people don’t schedule? Their personal growth and development. If it’s not on your calendar, there’s a good chance it’s not getting done. …

R is for Review – One of the best ways to reduce the effects of the forgetting curve is to actively recall what you learned with spaced repetition.”

Want to learn F.A.S.T.E.R.?

Remember: Forget + Act + State + Teach + Enter + Review.

Let’s do a quick recap. (Note: I’ve gotta teach this so I can remember, folks! ;)

Jim tells us to FORGET (at least temporarily) three things: forget what you already know about a subject, forget other not urgent or important things (“Contrary to popular belief, your brain doesn’t multitask.”), and forget about your limitations.

Then we need to ACT on the information we’re attempting to learn. Take notes. Note1: He has a whole section on this. Note2: Handwritten notes are MUCH more effective than typing.

Then we need to Optimize our STATE. Get your psychology right via empowered thinking and get your physiology right via eating, moving, sleeping and breathing and all that!

Then go TEACH whatever you *really* want to learn. Seriously, this is big.

Don’t forget to ENTER your learning time in your calendar and REVIEW (via recall not simply re-reading) whatever you want to remember at “spaced intervals.”

There ya go.

Go get your FASTER learning on.


P.S. Pop quiz: Can YOU recall the FASTER Model?

Give me a F!
Give me an A!
Give me a S!
Give me a T!
Give me an E!
Give me a R!

Nice work.

Now, go teach it to someone else!

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