#1193 Building Chainsaws

vs. Sharpening Saws

Way back in the day, we discussed the fact that Stephen Covey’s 7th Habit of Highly Effective People is “Sharpen the Saw.”

Covey tells us that we need to make sure we take time to renew ourselves—not just physically but also spiritually, socially and mentally.

To bring the point home, he tells us to imagine walking into a forest. We see a guy (or gal) sawing down a tree. It’s obvious to us that the blade is dull—which is making them work way harder and longer than they would need to if they had a sharp blade. So, we suggest that they sharpen their saw a bit. In response, the person tells us, “I’m TOO BUSY to take the time to sharpen my saw!”

Moral of the story: Don’t be that saw guy who thinks he’s too busy to take the time to sharpen his saw.

And, uh…

Before we go on…

Personal question: ARE YOU BEING THAT GUY OR GAL? 🤓


Now, of course, I love that story.


I say, why just take the time to “sharpen the saw”?

It’s so obvious that getting our Energy is SO ESSENTIAL to our flourishing that I say we step back and BUILD A CHAINSAW!!!

I mean, you tell me.

What would YOU rather have…

A well-sharpened saw?


A well-oiled CHAINSAW?

Remember: Science says that ZEST (aka ENERGY!) is THE #1 predictor of our well-being and flourishing—which (echo!) is why helping us Optimize our ENERGY is such a central theme of all of our work together.


Let’s step into the Chainsaw Department of our Heroic Depot-Factory.

How can you add a little oil to your Chainsaw TODAY?

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