#1481 How to Deal With Fear

Use It as Fuel, Hero

In our last several +1s, we’ve been hanging out with David Goggins exploring some of my favorite Ideas from Never Finished.

Today we’re going to wrap up our tour by exploring what we should do with our fear.

Let’s get straight to work.

Goggins tells us: “I’m afraid a lot, but I’ve learned to flip fear by facing whatever it is I’m scared of head-on. When I first started to face my fears, I was tentative as f*ck. That’s normal, and the emotions and discomfort I felt were proof of how potent this process can be. My anxiety stirred and my adrenaline pumped as my mind edged closer to what I was so desperate to avoid. But within all that energy is a mental and emotional growth factor that can lead to self-empowerment.”

He continues by saying: “Just as stem cells produce a growth factor that stimulates cellular communication, muscle growth, and wound healing in the body, fear is a seedpod packed with growth factor for the mind. When you deliberately and consistently confront your fear of heights or particular people, places, and situations that unsettle you, those seeds germinate, and your confidence grows exponentially. You might still hate jumping off high things or swimming beyond the waves, but your willingness to keep doing it will help you make peace with it. You may even be inspired to try to master it. That’s how a kid who was afraid of the water his whole life became a Navy SEAL.”

And, he says: “Some people take the opposite path and hide from their fears. They are like villagers terrified by rumors of a dragon to the point they cannot leave their own property. They cower, and that dragon, who they have never seen themselves only gains strength and stature in their minds because when you hide from whatever it is that freaks you out, that growth factor works against you. It will be your fear that grows exponentially while your possibilities become ever more limited.”

As I typed that passage out, I was struck by the fact that the guy who is so FEROCIOUSLY committed to being THE (!) HARDEST HUMAN BEING EVER (!) says, and I quote, “I am afraid a lot.”

Note: He didn’t say, “I used to be afraid a lot.”


The verb Goggins used is in the present, active tense—NOT the past tense.

Think about that for a second as you remind yourself that COURAGE is not the ABSENCE of fear. Courage is the WILLINGNESS TO ACT IN THE PRESENCE of fear.

There’s so much we can discuss with this but I’ll leave it at.

Remember: Your INFINITE potential exists on the OTHER side of your comfort zone.

How’s that feel?

By DEFINITION (I REPEAT!!), you will (and should!) feel UNCOMFORTABLE when you are in the process of catalyzing your growth.


Flip the switch.

Bring it on.

Use that fear as the cue/trigger/prompt to practice your philosophy.

That fear is the absolute best fuel for your growth.

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