#177 How to Add a Month to Your Year

In One Simple Step

Let’s go back to our Motivation Equation for Today’s +1.

You may recall that Motivation = Expectation x Value divided by Impulsivity x Delay

Again, in short: You will be able to sustain high levels of Motivation to the extent you have a strong Expectation of achieving a goal you highly Value but only if you are able to reduce your Impulsivity and Delay.

We’ll focus on the Impulsivity today.

Why? Because, as Piers Steele says in The Procrastination Equation, our Impulsivity is THE #1 productivity POISON and motivation killer.

The solution is simple. (But, as with most of this stuff, simple does not always mean easy.)

So… If we want to reduce our Impulsivity, we need to REDUCE DISTRACTIONS.

Piers tells us that the simplest way to do that is to turn off your email notifications. No visual alert. No little sound. Email notifications OFF.

Research says that simple tweak ALONE can make you 10% more efficient—because you’re not wasting your time starting and then stopping stuff task-switching style that leads to attention residue and all that stuff.


That may not sound like a lot. But it is.

10% more productivity over the course of the year equals an EXTRA MONTH of productivity.

You’d do pretty much anything to get an extra month every year, right?


Turn off your notification alerts.

Not just for your email, btw. ALL of your notifications.

That’s Today’s +1.

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