#899 How Is This Making Me Stronger?

Well, How Is It? Add Fuel to the Fire!

In our last +1, we talked about making flame and brightness out of everything thrown into our blazing fire. (Thank you Ryan Holiday for the connection to Marcus Aurelius’s wisdom.)

How’d that go for you?

Shall we practice again?

(Remember: The only way to get good at A N Y T H I N G is to practice it. Want to get good at making flame and brightness out of everything thrown into our fires? We need to practice. Period.)


What’s stressing you out these days?

Let’s quit trying to avoid it or wish it wasn’t happening.

Let’s use it as fuel.

Repeat after me: “A blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything that is thrown into it.

Ah… Isn’t that nice?

(I’m putting my hands up to your warm, powerful yet contained bonfire of awesome. 🔥 👐 🤓)


Here’s another way we can approach our challenges.

Let’s ask: “How is this making me stronger?

That’s Today’s +1.

Bring to mind your challenge. (Perhaps write it down.)

Ask yourself: “How is this making me stronger?”

Come up with at least THREE ways this challenge is fueling your actualization.

And, let’s remember this gem from Vernon Howard as you feed your fire: “If it takes apparent misfortune to turn us into true philosophers and doers of good to receive good, then apparent misfortune is our greatest fortune.

Oh! This seems like a good time to remind ourselves of Nassim Taleb’s genius antifragile wisdom that wind fuels a fire and extinguishes a candle. 🔥 🕯️

To our Optimizing fires!




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