#108 Hērōic Reframing

How to Build Antifragile, Heroic Confidence

Continuing our heroic theme, let’s talk a little more about how to build antifragile, heroic confidence.

Here’s a question we want to have ready at hand when we hit the inevitable speed bumps / glitches / dragon scratches / etc.

“How can I use this to get even stronger?”

Today’s +1: Bring to mind something that might be stressing you out at the moment. Maybe it’s a big creative challenge you’re in the middle of or a recent setback you’re recovering from.

Apply the heroic reframing question to it.

“How can I use this to get even stronger?”

Well, how can you?

+1 it.

Then +1 it the next time you feel stress bubbling.

And again the next time.

Repeat. Forever.

Build your heroic, antifragile confidence one (micro-challenging) rep at a time.

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