#109 Being Exonerated

Is NEVER Going to Happen (Sorry to Break the News!)

In our last +1, I casually mentioned the fact that our heroic reframing of challenges is something we will work on forever.

Yes, I literally meant F O R E V E R.

Q: “But, that’s such a very long time. Surely, I’ll get to a point where I’ve figured it all out and will be exonerated from all future work, right?”

A: “Hahahahahahahahaha.”


We will NEVER be exonerated from doing the work. And, The Tools guys tell us that it’s precisely that naive hope that we WILL someday (when we figured it all out!) get to ride off on a unicorn into eternal and everlasting bliss and butterflies that creates the most headaches.

Our challenges are NOT going away. Period.

ESPECIALLY if we are serious about actualizing our potential.

Recall that our infinite potential exists (admittedly, kinda inconveniently) right OUTSIDE of our comfort zone—smack dab in the middle of our DISCOMFORT ZONE.

And, guess what? Your infinite potential is (kinda by definition) ASYMPTOTIC—which is a fancy math term that describes “a line that continually approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance.”

Translation: You’ll never actually reach your highest potential.

But you’re programmed to only feel a deep, true sense of flourishing when you’re going for it.

And… Echo (!) that will always involve a certain level of discomfort. Therefore, let’s quit wishing we could get RID of the discomfort and, rather, wish to get REALLY good at BRINGING IT ON as we step into our full potential.


+1. +1. +1.


(And evers.)

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