#530 Hagfish Are Pretty Freaky

Got Any in Your Life?

Continuing our underwater theme for a moment longer, have you ever heard of hagfish?

They’re pretty creepy. (I apologize in advance for the visual image here but I think it’s worth it…)

Here’s how Steve Chandler describes hagfish in Time Warrior:

“To really live now there are two things I want to phase out of my life forever: (1) Resentments about the past and (2) Worries about the future.

These two activities, strengthened by repeated indulgence, are like hagfish. Hagfish? Many people don’t know what hagfish are, but they are just like worries and resentments.

In the real, undersea world, hagfish are blind, slimy, deepwater eel-like creatures that dart into the orifices of their prey and devour them, alive, from the inside.

Kill the hagfish in your life. Then you can live now and maybe procrastinate later.”

Um. Hmmm… Wow.

That’s a heck of a way to kill your prey, eh? Dart into their orifices and then devour them, alive, from the inside? Yikes.

And, well, that’s Today’s +1.

Got any hagfish in your life?

Any resentments and/or worries that’re eating you from the inside out?

Is now a good time to kill those hagfish before they get you?

Fantastic. Good luck with that! 🎣 😜

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