#1463 Greatness of Spirit

Activate Your Soul Force, Hero!

In our last +1, we hit the jackpot with a search for “success” in the Heroic app.

We uncovered hundreds of references to that key word and I shared a list of some of my favorite Notes on books with “Success” in their titles.

Here’s that list again:

True Success by Tom Morris, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, How Successful People Think by John Maxwell, The Essence of Success by Earl Nightingale, The Law of Success by Yogananda, Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes, The Common Denominator of Success by Albert E.N. Gray, and The Success System That Never Fails by W. Clement Stone.

I’m having fun working my way back through the re-reads of those Notes and I’m excited to share some of my favorite Ideas in the days and weeks ahead.

Today we’re going to spend another moment with Tom Morris talking about True Success then we’ll have some fun with Jack Canfield and his #1 Success Principle.

As we’ve discussed many times, Tom got two PhD’s from Yale—one in Philosophy and the other in Religion. I originally got into his work because my friend John Mackey (former CEO of Whole Foods) told me he had read EVERY ONE of Tom’s books and encouraged me to do the same.

We’ve featured not only True Success but also The Art of Achievement, The Stoic Art of Living, Superheroes and Philosophy, Plato’s Lemonade Stand, and The Everyday Patriot.

Each of those Notes is packed with grounded, practical, ancient wisdom.

Today we’re going to talk about what Socrates and Plato have to say about true success.

Tom tells us: “As reported by Plato in his famous Apology, Socrates was convinced that most of us approach life backwards. We give the most attention to the least important things and the least attention to the most important things. It was his firm belief that ‘wealth does not bring about excellence, but excellence brings about wealth and all other public and private blessings for men.’”

Tom continues by saying: “It was the state of our souls that was most important to Socrates. The inner life of each person. Greatness of spirit. Wisdom. Inner excellence. When we give precedence to the inner, both inner and outer fall into place. When we follow the opposite course, nothing will give us what we truly need. Only emptiness will result.”

That’s Today’s +1.

And that, my dear Hero, is why we architected our app (and our business) to help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery so we can do ONE thing Together…

The ultimate game of life is simple.

It’s time to put the most attention on the most important things…

It’s time to tap into our greatness of spirit.

It’s time to activate our Soul Force.


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