#861 Got Firm Determination?

Resolving to Untie the Knots in Our Lives

In our last +1, we hung out with Alexander the Great and watched him cut the legendary Gordion Knot.

We ended that discussion with a couple questions:

Got any seemingly impossible knots in your life?


Is there a more direct and/or forceful approach to resolving the issue than you may have tried so far?

(Then I might have handed you a sword. Just in case it comes in handy. 🗡️)

Today I want to chat about the word resolve.

It’s an awesome word. It can be used as a verb and a noun. As in:

Verb: “decide firmly on a course of action
Noun: “firm determination to do something

(Then there’s the adjective derivative “resolvable.”)

I love the definitions, but I want to focus on the etymology of the word resolve.

According to my American Heritage dictionary, it’s from the Latin resolvere which they say means “to untie.”

Which brings us back to Alexander the Great and his Gordion Knot.

Recall: He “untied” that knot through some bold action.

Which leads us to the practical aspect of Today’s +1.

Got any big ol’ knots in your life?

Would it be helpful to make a “firm determination to do something” and/or to “decide firmly on a course of action”?



Let’s stay buoyantly grounded. And antifragile.

And be bold when necessary.

🗡️ 🗡️ 🗡️

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