#697 Fear Doors - Part II

The Really Scary Thing About Them

In our last +1, we talked about Fear Doors.

I shared a couple of painful stories in which I somehow mustered the courage to act in spite of my (enormous) fear and… Voila! My life changed.

Of course, the endings aren’t always sunshine and roses when we choose to step forward into growth rather than back into safety (which is why we often DON’T take the risks and go for it, of course).

That +1 had two parts.

Let’s revisit real quick like and then we’ll add a bonus third part.

1. Have you ever walked through a Fear Door that changed your life? ← As I said: Of course you have. What’s one example?!

2. Are you currently standing in front of a Fear Door that you need to walk through? ← As I said: My hunch is you are. What is it?! And, if you’re not, dream bigger will ya!)

Then I said: Open the Fear Door. Walk through it.

It’s nice and bright and shiny on this side of the chasm that’s really a crack.

Yada yada yada.

But here’s the sobering thing (and, of course the whole point of the exercise):

3. What about all those times you DIDN’T walk through the Fear Door? All those times you COULD have changed your life? But you didn’t because you didn’t have the courage to step forward?


It’s painful to even consider all those times, eh?


Guess what.

As we’ve discussed, it’s unfortunate that we’ve waited this long to DEMAND we live with more heroic courage, but it’s unforgivable to wait any longer.


Today’s +1.

What Fear Door are you standing in front of today?

Shall we walk through it together?

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