#506 Father, Bless Me

For I Have Been Awesome

On a recent Monday at 3:00 PM Pacific time, Phil Stutz and I had our weekly chat.

I like to prepare for our time together by noting the events and challenges and celebrations that have bubbled up since our last chat.

(btw: It always feels like a MONTH has gone by since our last chat—especially as I lean into the Speed Is a Force idea and really try to do the work moment to moment.)


For this particular session, I had a list of things to discuss.

And, as I looked at the list of possibilities, I decided to start with the biggest challenge from the prior week—thinking that would be the place where we might be able to learn the most.

But, the reality is I used some Tools on that stressor and there really wasn’t anything to discuss other than to celebrate the fact I used the Tools on it. (Hah.)

We then chatted about the other things on the list which were awesome which, fascinatingly, led us to a NEW Tool that was all about collecting awesome moments and using THOSE as Tools. (Hah.)

All of which leads me to the point of this +1.

Joseph Campbell once said: “Ramakrishna once said that if all you think of are your sins, then you are a sinner. And when I read that, I thought of my boyhood, going to confession on Saturdays, meditating on all the little sins that I had committed during the week. Now I think one should go and say, ‘Bless me, Father, for I have been great, these are the good things I have done this week.’ Identify your notion of yourself with the positive, rather than with the negative.”

“Bless me, Father, for I have been GREAT. These are the good things I’ve done this week.”

<- Now, THAT is how I’m going to start my next session with my Honorary Father.

“Bless me, Father! I have been awesome. Check this out…”

Now, of course, we need to have the self-awareness to know what “Needs work!” and then get to work on it.


We need to have the self-awareness to know what’s AWESOME and then get to work on bringing even more of that to life.


How about YOU?

What’s awesome? How shall we bless you today?

High fives and here’s to identifying ourselves with the positive rather than with the negative!

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