#722 Encourage - Part 2

Making the Case for Elevating Its Status

In our last +1, I made the case for why the virtue of encouragement should be elevated to its proper status in the pantheon of how to best express our love for people in our lives.

I’d like to continue asserting my case.

(Yes, I dropped out of Law School before a semester was over—go Boalt Class of 2000!—but I do enjoy a finely honed case. lol)


Stepping back and reminding ourselves (yet again!) of the ultimate game we’re playing, let’s flip open Aristotle’s Ethics to rediscover a concise description of what we’re going after.

Hmmm… Where was it…

Oh, yah. Right here.

He told us that the ultimate target is to be a eudaimon. We do that by living with virtue such that we can more consistently express the best version of ourselves.

Do you recall the #1 virtue he told us we needed to master if we wanted to have a shot at experiencing eudaimonia?



If having courage is THE most important thing we can do for OURSELVES to actualize our eudaimonic potential, wouldn’t GIVING OTHERS ENCOURAGEMENT to actualize their eudaimonic potential be the most loving thing we can do?

Sure seems like it.

Saving the discussion of the finer details for a longer chat, let’s get practical again (and, as always).

Today’s +1.

Who are the three most precious people in your life?

Awesome Person
1. ___________________________________
2. ___________________________________
3. ___________________________________

How can you give each of them just a little more encouragement Today?



btw: You’re going to have a REALLY hard time giving others something YOU don’t have in your possession so…

Let’s start with you.

How can you give yourself a little more encouragement Today?

Get on that.

I hereby reach through the screen and give you a high five, a hug, and a misty-eyed, LET’S DO THIS!!! chant of encouragement, my friend and fellow Optimizing Hero!

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