#878 Empty Feet (Part 2)

One More Time: It’s ALL Empty! (Fill It Up Wisely)

In our last couple +1s we’ve been talking about feet.

We started off with a little biomechanical goodness on the virtues of going barefoot on occasion and then moved into a discussion on the inherent “emptiness” of meaning after I got two EXACTLY opposite responses to precisely the same thing.

Me: Carrying my shoes.

Friendly Lady1: “You’re going to KILL your feet!

Friendly Lady2: “Oh… That looks like it feels sooo good!

At the risk of spending too much time talking about me and my feet, I simply can’t resist sharing ONE more little story.


Day 1, we have Friendly Lady 1. Day 2 we have Friendly Lady 2.

Day 3? (Literally, the day after the prior two encounters…)

Enter: Friendly Man.

I’m carrying my shoes.

Friendly Man says: “You must have tough feet.

I say: “Well, they’re getting tougher every day. Started out feeling a little weird now it’s no big deal.

Friendly Man says: “You get a tetanus shot?

I laugh to myself thinking about our discussion about the emptiness of my feet and say: “I have not.

He says: “You really should.

I say: “I appreciate the advice!

And, well, that’s Today’s +1.

One more time: EVERYTHING (!!!) is empty of meaning.

That politician? Empty of meaning. The economy? Empty of meaning. Insert-whatever-thing? Empty of meaning.

NOTHING has any absolutely-true-for-everyone meaning.

And that’s a REALLY exciting and powerful thing. Because we get to step in between stimulus and response and CHOOSE how we’re seeing things while noticing how our default perspective might need some fine tuning.

Let’s notice how we’re seeing the world Today and choose wisely.

(And, don’t forget to take off your shoes once in awhile. lol)

👣 👣 👣

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