#877 Empty Feet

Ink Blobs and Emptiness on the Trail

In our last +1, we hung out with my feet. (Left foot. Left foot. Left foot. Right! … Feet in the morning. Feet at night! 🤓)

As you may recall, I shared a story about a nice lady who, after seeing me carrying my shoes on some uneven terrain at the end of my Trail workout, said:

You’re going to kill your feet!!

I used that as a launching-off point for a little chat on our feet, shoes, comfort zones, and all that.

Well, get this…

This morning I was at the EXACT same spot on the Trail. End of my workout. Carrying my shoes.

And… I ran into a DIFFERENT nice lady.

You know what she said?

Oh… That looks like it feels sooo good!” (Hah!) (I kid you not.)

To which I replied, “YES!! It does.

Then I had to laugh to myself.


(Like, literally, the exact same. Me carrying my shoes at the end of a little workout.)


(Like, literally, the exact opposite!! lol)

How is that possible?!


Because, as we’ve discussed (see this +1 on Ink Blobs and Emptiness), everything (!) is empty of meaning. Which means basically two things.

1. Nothing has any inherent, true-for-everyone meaning.
2. Someone’s perception of a given situation often says more about THEIR consciousness than anything else.

That’s Today’s +1.

One main idea. Two parts.

The main idea: Remember that everything is inherently “empty” of meaning.

The two parts:

1. Keep that in mind when you interact with people Today. Remember: The way they see the world is a reflection of their consciousness.
2. Keep that in mind when you interact with people Today. Remember: The way YOU see the world is a reflection of YOUR consciousness.

🤓 👣 👣 👣 🤓

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