#1451 DWYSYWD Part Deux

Do YOU Do What You Say You Will Do?

In our last +1, we talked about how to build self-confidence by focusing on The Practice of showing up as our best, most Heroic version of ourselves.

It’s not so much that we trust ourselves per se…

It’s that we trust our PRACTICE.

We know that if we do what we know is best for us consistently and long enough, good things are likely to happen. And… We know that we’re winning all day every day as we execute that protocol and deepen our trust in ourselves and our protocol.

Today I want to connect that wisdom to some other wisdom we’ve explored.

We’re going to invite James Kouzes and Barry Posner back to the party.

As we’ve discussed, they are two of the world’s leading scholars on the science of leadership.

In their great book The Leadership Challenge, they teach us “How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations.”

They spend a lot of time talking about how important it is for a leader to build trust.

Here’s how they put it: “Credibility is the foundation of leadership. Constituents must be able, above all else, to believe in their leaders. For them to willingly follow someone else, they must believe that the leader’s word can be trusted, that she is personally passionate and enthusiastic about the work, and that she has the knowledge and skill to lead.”

How do we establish credibility?

Kouzes and Posner tell us: “You build a credible foundation of leadership when you DWYSYWD—Do What You Say You Will Do.

They continue by saying: “DWYSYWD has two essential parts: say and do. The practice of Model the Way links directly to these two dimensions of the behavioral definition of credibility. Modeling is about clarifying values and setting an example for others based on those values. The consistent living out of values is the way leaders demonstrate their honesty and trustworthiness. It’s what gives them the moral authority to lead. And that’s where we begin our discussion of The Five Practices.”

Want to lead and trust YOURSELF?

It’s simple.


All day. Every day.




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