#1452 Build Streaks

Do the Work Every Single Day

Continuing our exploration of some Big Ideas from Seth Godin’s great book The Practice, let’s talk about how to build confidence in your self and in your practice-protocol.

This is a very simple idea.

So simple that you might nod your head and agree and then completely forget about it.

Let’s not do that.

Here’s the wisdom from Seth.

He tells us: “Build streaks. Do the work every single day. Blog daily. Write daily. Ship daily. Show up daily. Find your streak and maintain it.”


That’s such an OBVIOUS idea that’s it REALLY easy to nod our heads, agree, and then move on—stuck in the THEORY as we catalogue the idea like a librarian of the mind and forget to actually PRACTICE it like a warrior of the mind so we can achieve MASTERY.

We’ve talked about streaks before. (See Habits 101 for more. And this +1 on How to Avoid Habit Suicide.)

You’ve probably heard of Jerry Seinfeld and his write-a-new-joke-a-day streak?

I’d link to a +1 if we had one on it, but we don’t yet.

Basic idea: When he was developing Mastery as a comedian (remember: there was a time when Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t JERRY SEINFELD!), young Jerry wrote a joke EVERY DAY. He’d put a big ol’ X on his calendar when he wrote a joke that day. He liked seeing all those X’s next to each other. He didn’t want to break the streak.

That’s what we’re talking about here.


Today’s +1.

What’s YOUR streak?

What’s the ONE THING you KNOW you could be doing that, if you did EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, would most positively change your life THAT you (very importantly!) intrinsically REALLY WANT to do (no shoulding on yourself, Hero!) that you REALLY believe YOU CAN DO?


What is it?

What’s the ONE thing that you’d like to build a streak doing?

Getting your Energy optimized by meditating for at least a minute a day? Walking at least 10,000 steps a day? Spending 8-9+ hours in bed every day?

What is it?

Focusing on your Work WIN first thing every day? Shutting down completely by a certain time every day? Coaching someone every day? (My heart just skipped a beat as I imagined doing that EVERY DAY starting on February 1st!)

What is it?

Optimizing your Love by connecting with your family WITHOUT your phone every day? Kissing your spouse every day? Hugging your kids every day?

I’ve set all of those Targets for myself in our Heroic app.

Not all of them have perfect daily streaks but (goosebumps) my goodness is it fun to create a streak and keep it going.


What’s YOUR new, non-negotiable, high-leverage streak going to be, Hero?

Day 1. All in.


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