#1795 Don’t Make Excuses

Take EXTREME Ownership

I just got back from a quick Trail walk with Emerson.

Energy Target Swipe: “I Love Training on the Trail” 🎯
Love Target Swipe: “I Enjoy Our Trail with My Family” 🎯

Note: You might have noticed that all my Heroic Targets are now AFFIRMATIONS.

Longer chat, but I spent 30 minutes changing ALL my Targets to affirmations (present, positive, powerful! statements) the other day after reading about the SCIENCE of affirmations in Dr. Nate Zinsser’s GREAT book, The Confident Mind.


Right before we hit the trail, Emerson texted his chess coach to ask him if he needed to do the exercises that he had assigned to him last week. His coach said “Yeah, let’s get them done.“


I knew his coach would say that as I knew he had assigned the exercises for Emerson to complete before his LAST coaching session with him so I said…

Me: “Buddy: You knew you were supposed to do those exercises before you asked, didn’t you?”

E: “Well… I mean… I wasn’t sure.” (← Insert whiney voice… 🤓)

Me: “Dude. COME ON! You knew it—you just let that little whiney voice in your head convince you that you weren’t sure! Right?”

Then I said…

Me: “Was that voice in your head questioning what you knew you needed to do HELPFUL or was it HURTFUL?”

E: “It was hurtful!”

Me: “Yah, it was! Look… I have THE SAME voice in MY HEAD. We ALL have a voice that’s trying to convince us to do less than we know we can do.

Even today, I’ve only done one set of burpees so far but I should have already done all TEN sets. I was dominating a slightly different protocol but then that lazy voice in my head comes in and tries to convince me that I don’t need to worry about it. That’s why I grabbed you to go on a walk—to show that voice who’s Boss!”

E: Smiling.

Then we proceeded to talk about the fact that we can name those voices (the WHINER vs. the WINNER!) along with some Jocko Willink wisdom on EXTREME OWNERSHIP and NEVER MAKING EXCUSES and other such goodness.

That’s Today’s +1…

Let’s shine a spotlight back on YOUR thoughts and encourage you to consider asking this question…


Then follow the voice of your WINNER not your WHINER.


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