#1806 Don’t Feel Good?

Can You Still Swim Good?

In our last series of +1s (here, here, and here), we’ve been having fun exploring our relationship to data and the science that shows how important it is we use that data wisely.

It’s funny because the family called me right after I typed that.

We chatted about the USSOCOM Awards ceremony and how inspiring it was.

In fact, I’m still buzzing from McRaven’s speech and getting to spend some time with General Fenton and his awesome command team.

Then I told Emerson about the +1s I was writing and how I JUST wrote about that day when he had a TERRIBLE Oura score but THE BEST DAY of chess in his life.

He said (and I have goosebumps typing this!): “Oh yah! I remember that day!! That’s the day I got to over 2,000!”

I didn’t remember that detail.

For the record and at the risk of being immodest while feeling incredible pride in my not-so-little 11-year-old boy… Getting your chess.com rating over 2,000 is crazy. 😆


What I’m MOST excited about is that he KNOWS he can show up as his best EVEN WHEN he might not be *feeling* his best.

You know who that makes me think of?

Note: I just got goosebumps typing that…

I think of Michael Phelps.

One of THE most powerful passages from his GREAT book No Limits is all about how he could show up and perform at HIS best when he *wasn’t* at his best.

Here’s the passage from his book:

“One thing that separates Michael from other swimmers, Bob likes to say, is that if they don’t feel good they don’t swim good. That’s not the way it is for Michael. Michael, he says, performs no matter what he’s feeling. He has practiced it for a long time. He knows exactly what he wants to get done, and he’s able to compartmentalize what’s important. Bob, with his seemingly endless collection of sayings, naturally has an acronym to describe the mental aspect to my racing. It’s ‘W.I.N.’: What’s Important Now?’ It’s true. When it comes down to it, when the time comes to focus and be mentally prepared, I can do whatever it takes to get there, in any situation.”


To be clear…

I’m emphasizing this wisdom because I used to be that guy who needed to make sure I was PERFECTLY bubble wrapped and controlling EVERY VARIABLE in my life to show up as my best.

If those variables WEREN’T optimized, too often I’d flood the bank of rigidity (see this +1 on the importance of being FLEXIBLE!) and NOT show up as my best.


Now I’m ALL IN on channeling my inner Emerson and Ellen Langer and Michael Phelps.


That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s use the data life (and technology!) gives us to get a little clearer on the little things we can do to optimize and…



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