#918 Don’t Feed the Demon

A Lesson from Olloch the Glutton

One of my favorite things in life is reading with Emerson. It’s a keystone habit for our family’s nighttime rituals that I absolutely cherish. It’s becoming more and more fun to engage in some great micro-philosophical chats about life as we read great books and snuggle. 😍🤓😍

(Very important note: Every once in awhile my lips might get locked and they can only be opened by a series of kisses. 😘😘 😘 )

We’ve now enjoyed everything from the The Magic Tree House series and The Chronicles of Narnia to Harry Potter and all of his epic wizarding adventures.

We recently finished the Fablehaven series. We really enjoyed that as well.

Today we’re going to talk about one of the characters from that series.

His name is Olloch the Glutton.

He’s a demon.

He starts out as a little statue safely locked away. There’s a sign below him that says “DON’T FEED.” But, of course, one of the characters feeds him. At which point he comes to life, bites the guy that fed him and then has only one mission: To consume everything in his path en route to consuming the person who first fed him.

(Hah! And, d’oh!)


Of course, after reading about him, I thought, “How great of a metaphor is THAT?”


We talk a lot about eudaimonia and having a good relationship with the best within us—our inner guiding spirit or “daimon.”


Get this: Did you know that “demon” comes from the same root as daimon?


In ancient Greek, demon was basically the diminutive of daimon and meant the “lesser or evil spirit.”

Where do both of those guys (or gals) exist?

Within each of us, of course.

That’s Today’s +1.

It’s simple.



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