#919 Demons vs. Daimons

What to Feed Them

In our last +1, we talked about the fact that demon comes from the same root as daimon. In ancient Greek it basically meant the “lesser or evil spirit.”

Where do both of those guys hang out? Within each of us, of course.

We also talked about the demon from Fablehaven named Olloch the Glutton. Once that guy gets fed, he’s on an unstoppable mission to consume everything in his path en route to consuming the person who made the mistake of feeding him. 😲


We actually used this wonderful demon character and his metaphorical mission in one of our sessions in the Mastery phase of our Heroic Coach program: Part 3 of Module V on Algorithms: How to DELETE Bad Habits.

As we discussed in this +1 on Pilot + Co-Pilot + Autopilot, the whole Algorithms module was framed in the context of being a good Co-Pilot following our Daimon-Pilot’s instructions long enough that the good behaviors run on Autopilot.

In the context of dealing with our BAD habits, I suggested that it’s as if the Daimon-Pilot gets replaced by the DEMON-Pilot. Then, rather than smoothly flying to our Optimus-best destination, we fly ourselves straight into the side of the mountain. Oops.


Today we’re going to talk about what demons (and daimons!) like to eat.


They do REALLY well on Hero Bars. We want to feed them memories of (and visions of) us at our absolute best. Pretty much all day every day.


Those guys REALLY (!!!) like to feast on…


Remember them? Recall that, once we engage in a bad habit long enough it’s as if our brains, in relationship to that particular bad habit, goes from being a CUCUMBER to being a PICKLE.

Today’s +1.

Two things to know.

1. We can’t “unpickle” a pickle. Once we’ve grooved certain negative neural pathways, those bad habits are ALWAYS sitting there ready to come back to life.

Which leads us to back to Fablehaven and the sign we need to hang right where we can see it:

2. DON’T FEED THE DEMON!!! When you’re feeling tired and cranky and overwhelmed and all that 💩y jazz, your little inner demon is going to try to take over the airwaves. You know what he’s going to try to smooth talk you into feeding him?




One more time… Remember: DON’T FEED THE DEMON.

Once you do, he’ll bite you then consume everything in his path until he consumes all of you.

That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s have a stack of Hero Bars ready to feast on so we can keep our Daimons nice and well-nourished.


Let’s follow Atomic Habits Rule #1 of deleting bad habits and make the triggers INVISIBLE. Let’s make sure we hide those Pickles somewhere hard to find.

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