#1026 Connection over Perfection

A Big Idea from Public Speaking 101

This morning Alexandra and I were chatting about her new Heroic +1s.

First: Yay!

I’m typing this with a big smile as I’m super happy that we have her sharing some of her wisdom via her own Heroic +1s. Hope you’ve been enjoying the bonus weekend treats. (Note from Team Heroic: Alexandra’s +1’s coming soon!!)

In addition to discussing whether or not a pretty sizable pimple-bump on her forehead would go away before her next filming session (hah), she asked me a question about the proper use of “whom” vis-a-vis “who.”

I’m a bit more of the grammar nerd in the family so I gave her my quick take on the subject.


The pimple-bump and grammar questions really just created an opportunity to chat about some wisdom I got from Steve Chandler back in the day that I still consider to be THE best advice on “public speaking” (aka communicating with anyone/everyone) I’ve ever received.

Years and years ago, before I did my first studio-filming session (way before my 50 Optimal Living 101s and 1,001+ Heroic +1s), he told me to focus on CONNECTION over perfection—pointing out that people won’t be moved by the “perfection” of the presentation as much as by the energy with which I gave the presentation.

That’s worth repeating. (A few times.)

Connection over perfection.
Connection over perfection.
Connection over perfection.

(btw: We chat about this and a bunch of other ideas in Public Speaking 101.)

I’ll always remember Steve’s example of John Madden—the former football coach and broadcaster. Madden got so fired up talking about football he practically spit all over himself. (Hah!)

He was less interested in “perfecting” his presentation skills according to someone else’s standards and simply let it rip—authentically expressing his joy for football in his own unique, iconoclastic style.

As a result, you FELT his passion and ignored the supposed “flaws” in his style.

That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s focus on Connection over Perfection.

In every interaction.

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