#474 Confucius's #1 Tip

The Way of the Master Consists of…

While we’re enjoying our time with Confucius, how about we ask him what his #1 tip is for Optimizing?

Let me Google Hangout Confucius in…

One second…

OK… Got him.

Me: “Master Confucius, if you had to give us just ONE tip to Optimize our lives, what would it be?”

Confucius: “There is one single thread binding my way together… the way of the Master consists in doing one’s best… that is all.” (← Actual quote)

Me: “Ahhhh… Brilliant. Thank you, Master. We’ve heard that before. So, you’re saying it’s kinda like the Greek idea of areté in which we simply try to express the best version of ourselves moment to moment to moment such that we can have a ‘good soul’ and experience eudaimonic happiness?”

Confucius: “Exactly. Why do you think I used the Chinese word for virtue so many times in my book? It’s ALL about virtue. Moment to moment to moment as you say. Day in and day out. After 50 years you should get the hang of it.”

Me: “Fantastic. Keep it real and let’s do this!!”

Confucius: “Solid plan. I’m in.” [insert virtual *exploding knuckles*]


The way of the Master is all about doing our best. That is all.

That’s Today’s +1.

It’s also, of course, pretty much the theme of every +1. (Laughing.)

The Greek word for “the best”? Optimus, of course.

Always do your optimus.

Let’s Optimize.

+1. +1. +1.

For fifty years. Like we mean it.

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