#1496 Circadian Chickens

They’ve Got the Rhythm… Do You?

As you know if you’ve been following on, we live on a little land out in the country outside of Austin.

We’ve been here nearly three years now and LOVE IT.

One of the first things we did when we got here was get some chickens. 🐣 🐥 🐤 🐔

They’ve been awesome.


We have a little chicken coop where the chickens sleep.


The other day Alexandra and I were chatting about the fact that they show up ready to hop into the coop at EXACTLY (!) the SAME time every single day.

You know WHEN that is?

Right around sunset.

You know WHY that is?


As per our Notes and lengthy discussion on The Circadian Code, EVERY SINGLE LIVING CREATURE (and by that I mean EVERY SINGLE LIVING CREATURE!!!) is programmed to respond to the rhythms of the day.


Check. ✅

They “open up” in the morning to receive the sun’s energy. And do the opposite at night.


Check. ✅

Whether they’re nocturnal or diurnal, their rhythms are connected to the day/night rhythms.



You know what would happen if our chickens stayed out and partied all night while soaking in some artificial daylight?





Final, most important questions…

You know what OTHER living creature evolved to live in alignment with circadian rhythms?

Human beings.

More specifically: YOU.


Are YOU living in integrity with circadian rhythms?

You know what would have happened if YOU stayed out all night without protection back in the day?

You would have died. (lol)


You know what will happen if you do that these days?


Remember, as Satchin Panda tells us: “The longer your circadian rhythm is out of sync, the greater the risk of developing a serious disease.”

And: “If you are experiencing any physical discomfort, or changes to the way you think, don’t ignore them: They are early warning signs of chronic illness. ”

Today’s +1.

What’s ONE practical little (or big!) thing you KNOW you could do to optimize YOUR circadian rhythms?

Let’s get on that.

And get ourselves Heroically Energized.


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