#117 Chore vs. Gift

Choosing the Right Why Turns Your Behaviors from One to the Other

Michelle Segar, the scientist we learned about in our last +1, tells us that when we choose the Right (concrete) Why (“Feel better now!”) rather than the Wrong (fuzzy) Why (“Get healthier!”), we can turn our health behaviors like exercising and eating well into GIFTS rather than CHORES.

Part 1 of Today’s +1 is a quick quiz:

Which one do you like more?

[ ] Opening gifts?


[ ] Doing chores?


I like opening gifts, too. 😃

So, again, what’s your Why for exercising, eating well, turning off the electronics to get a great night of sleep, etc.?

MAKE THE CONNECTION between the decision to engage in that behavior and the way you will feel NOW (/tomorrow morning/etc.)!!

See your chosen behavior as a GIFT you get to open for yourself rather than as a CHORE you have to check off your list of To Do’s.

Why am I going to eat well, move my body and get a good night of sleep today?

Because I KNOW (!) I’m going to feel GREAT as an immediate, concrete result. I like those gifts.

So… How about YOU? What gift will you give yourself today?