#996 Carpe Destiny

Let’s Seize Our Destinies TOGETHER… TODAY!

A couple +1s ago, we hung out with my two favorite Joes: Joseph Campbell and Joe De Sena.

At the end of that +1, I shared a bunch of wisdom gems from Grandpa Joe.


I actually saved my favorite for last. It was the very first one I saw when I opened our Note on A Joseph Campbell Companion.

I think it’s PERFECT for us as we wrap up our first 1,000 +1s and get ready for 2020 with this gem in mind.

Here is is: “So that’s what destiny is: simply the fulfillment of the potentialities of the energies in your own system.”


We actually kicked off this whole Heroic +1 party with +1 #1 on “Destiny Math” so I think it’s particularly powerful to revisit this theme at this stage of our journey.

We also did our etymological-nerd thing on the word destiny as well.

The basic idea of the etymology? Destiny and destination share the same root.

The basic idea on how to FULFILL our destiny? We need to close the gap between who we’re capable of being and who we’re actually being RIGHT NOW!!

Which leads us to the +1 on the idea of Carpe Punctum and the fact that we can’t actually seize the “day” per se—the closest we can get is to seize THIS MOMENT. And this one and…

All of THAT leads us to my journal these days.

I always start by writing the day and date (how original, eh?).

Then, I write: #CARPEDESTINY

That’s Today’s +1.

Shall we seize our destinies together?

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