#1687 Before, During, & After

How’s Your Performance?

In our last couple +1s (here and here), we chatted about Magnus Carlsen and his mental toughness and extended it to a chat with Emerson and HIS mental toughness then, most importantly, we extended it to YOU and YOUR mental toughness.

I encouraged him (and YOU!) to consider the importance of mental toughness in the THREE phases of performance:


Before you perform, it’s your mental toughness that gets you to train so you’re prepared to perform well on game day.

As per Mommy’s guided chess meditation (that we listen to before matches in tournaments!): “Chess tournaments are won in the days and weeks and months leading up to them.”

During your performance, it’s your mental toughness that keeps you grounded and focused on your next move rather than getting frustrated with a mistake you may have made or too excited about a good move you might have made.

And, of course, it’s your mental toughness that will help you approach your post-performance.

Note: This includes not just making sure you win or learn when you “lose” but ALSO that you positively build your Self-Image when you WIN—“That’s like you!!”

Lanny Bassham and I chatted about this in our great Heroic Chat with Masters. (You can watch that in our app here and on our podcast here.)

As you know if you’ve been following along, Lanny won a gold medal in rifle shooting in 1976 and wrote one of my all-time favorite mental toughness books: With Winning in Mind. (Check out that Note and this one on Parenting Champions and this one on a book his son wrote called Attainment.)

That’s our +1.

It’s time to forge antifragile confidence.

Here’s to having the wisdom and mental discipline to practice our philosophy all day every day—especially before, during, and after we do something that matters to us…


Day 1. All in.


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