#1665 Be Worthy

My #1 Target

I’m typing this on a Monday morning.

It’s 8:31 a.m. CT and I’m one hour and twenty-two minutes into what will be the first of at least three 90-minute Deep Work sessions for the day.

I’m channeling some Peter Drucker wisdom today and creating a “large quantum of time” (in this case, a day) to create a bunch of +1s so I can get ahead before my schedule goes back to being packed with travel and keynotes, workshops, fundraising, and other fun stuff.

I’m also channeling some Bob Rotella wisdom.

He once told LeBron James that he needed to “find the time and find the energy” to master a certain aspect of his game. That’s what I’m thinking as I continue to create these +1s and Philosopher’s Notes WHILE continuing to lead our Heroic Public Benefit Corporation and do all the other things I feel called to do.

btw: Check out our Notes on Drucker’s The Effective Executive and Rotella’s How Champion’s Think for more on both of those Ideas.


Shout out to my right-hand guy Michael and his team for doing what THEY do so I can do what I do. Team work makes the dream work. Love you all.


I just banged out a set of 11 burpees—bringing my total for the morning to 77.

I often have a mantra for a set of burpees.

For that set, I silently said to myself…


After finishing the set, I grabbed the dry erase marker from my desk and wrote “BE WORTHY” right next to “VOW” (which was the subject of this +1) on the top of my whiteboard.

That’s my #1 commitment to YOU and to all of those I am blessed to serve.

Fun facts…

Every time I think of being worthy, I think of Confucius, Navy SEALs and Jim Collins.

In his Analects, Confucius said: “The Master said, He does not mind not being in office; all he minds about is whether he has qualities that entitle him to office. He does not mind failing to get recognition; he is too busy doing the things that entitle him to recognition.”

One of my most prized possessions is a gift I received from my dear friend Mike Magaraci.

Mags was the Force Master Chief of Naval Special Warfare. He retired as the Director of Mentorship for NSW. After spending some time together years ago, he gave me the card Navy SEALs get after completing Hell Week.

It’s the first thing I see EVERY single time I open my wallet.

The card says: “Earn Your Trident Every Day.”

Then there’s Jim Collins.

Collins is my favorite strategic thinker. I still need to do Notes on all his great books.

In Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0, he tells us that a great leader is both fiercely ambitious AND equally humble.


That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s recommit to being worthy of leading ourselves, our families, and our communities.


Day 1. All in.


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