Take Off from Within

by Ervin Seale | DeVorss & Company © 1993 · 120 pages

Ervin Seale is an old-school New Thought guy with a great, simple style and super practical wisdom. In this Note, we'll have fun seeing how our minds are like crazy, drunk, swinging monkeys (and how we can tame them!) and explore a bunch of other Big Ideas—including the importance of ignoring what others think of us and seeing the Divine within ourselves (and others).

“If it is true that as a man thinks so is he, then thinking is the most consequential activity of a human being. In these pages I have tried to recall to mind and present anew some of the tools of the trade whereby one may become a better craftsman in the production of health and happiness.”

~ Ervin Seale from Take Off From Within

I don’t remember exactly how I got turned on to this little gem of a book (I went on a little old school New Thought binge awhile ago) but I’m glad I did!

Ervin Seale was a leading New Thought minister who, for 32 years, addressed a large audience at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall and Lincoln Center in New York City.

He’s in the same genre/lineage as an Ernest Holmes, Louise Hay, James Allen and this book is a slim 120 pages. Easy read. Lotsa mojo. Highly recommended if you’re into this kinda thing. :)

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About the author


Ervin Seale

speaker and writer in New Thought era