Focal Point

A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double your Productivity, and Achieve All Your Goals
AMACON © 2001 · 224 pages

Brian Tracy is one of the classic modern self-development teachers and he's literally a Big Idea machine. In this Note, we'll have fun learning about the importance of taking responsibility in our lives and staying flexible (and, of course, some Ideas on how to do so!). We'll also check in on the importance of managing our time well by "one-touching" stuff and maintaining our optimism in the face of challenges.

“You can dramatically improve the overall quality of your life far faster than you might think possible. All you need is the desire to change, the decision to take action, the discipline to practice the new behaviors you have chosen, and the determination to persist until you get the results you want.”

~ Brian Tracy from Focal Point

I’ve learned a *LOT* from Brian Tracy.

He’s been doing his self-development and sales training work for decades now and I’ve enjoyed a variety of his books and audio programs and newsletters (highly recommend his newsletter if you’re looking for some great practical, motivational wisdom).

Some of my favorites include his books Goals! and Eat That Frog! (great little book about training yourself to the hardest thing FIRST; once you’ve “eaten your frog” for the day, the rest of the day is a breeze :), and audio programs on creativity.

This book, Focal Point, is all about focusing our energy to, as the sub-titles suggests: “Simplify your life, double your productivity, and achieve all your goals.”

Tracy is a treasure-trove of Big Ideas and I trust you’ll dig the handful I’ve mined here. If you’re feelin’ it and looking for a roll-up-the-sleeves and rock it guidebook, get the book!

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