#421 WIN! WIN! WIN!

What’s Your Next Most Important Thing? (<- Crush That. Repeat.)

Continuing our theme of hammering our #1 Wildly Important Goal, let’s talk a little more (again) about WINning.

We’ve touched on the theme a few times.

We had a couple +1s in which we talked about Michael Phelps’ coach’s “What’s Important Now?!” mantra. Aka WIN!! (Part 1. Part 2.)

And, we’ve talked about the fact that, once you’ve identified your next most important thing, everything else is a DISTRACTION.

Today we’re going to remind ourselves of the power of those truths and get our micro-WINs on.

We’re also going to connect that wisdom to Byron Katie. She has a great line. She tells us: “We never receive more than we can handle, and there is always just one thing to do.”

She calls that practice “doing the dishes.”

Dishes need to be done? Do them.

Phone call need to be made? Make it.

Time to get up and stretch? Get up and stretch.

Fill-in-the-blank with whatever life presents. Complete. Repeat.


Do that.

Micro-WIN. Micro-WIN. Micro-WIN.

All day. Every day.

As we’ve said before, some would say that’s enlightenment.

That’s Today’s +1.

Do the dishes. Chop wood. Carry water.


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