#420 WOOPy WOOP!

WOOP! There It Is … Again!

Yesterday we reviewed our Motivation Equation. I hope you took the time to hang out with your #1 Wildly Important Goal and run it through the little magical formula.

And, if not: Pardon the soapbox moment but… Um… Well, hmmmm…

We can’t incrementally crush it together if we’re not actually PRACTICING these ideas on a consistent (read: daily!) basis.

We’ve gotta move from THEORY to PRACTICE and there’s only ONE way to do that…


Ahem. I am now stepping off the soapbox. ( 😜 )

Today we shall review another super powerful not-so-secret weapon: WOOP!

As I mentioned in our last +1, we’re currently working on a big project. As such, I’m employing all the best stuff I know to rock it.

And, it’s now officially I M P O S S I B L E for me to not WOOP something I really care about.

I mean, recall that science shows just how powerful this little practice can be in making our dreams a reality so…

The key? Once again: Start with a vision of your ideal. That’s your WISH. Know the OUTCOMES you think you’ll experience—aka why you’re fired up. Then… Rub that vision up against reality by seeing the OBSTACLES you might face then create a PLAN to deal with it. Voila! You’ve created a “necessity to act” and you’ve increased your odds of success.


Today’s +1.

Let’s revisit your #1 Wildly Important Goal. (Note: Number ONE. Not ten. Or five. Or even two or three. ONE.)

Bust out a blank piece of paper or use our Worksheet. Let’s run through the WOOP! process.

What’s your WISH? If everything went perfectly, what, specifically, would you see in your life? (Awesome.)

What’s your OUTCOME? In other words, WHY are you fired up about achieving this? What benefits will you achieve? (Awesome.)


What OBSTACLES do you think you might face? Yep. That one. And that one. Don’t forget that one. (Awesome.)


What’s your PLAN?! What will you do to go over and under and through those inevitable obstacles? OMMS!! (Awesome.)

W O O P!

There it is.

Again and again and again.

Let’s do this!

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