#157 Implementation Intentions

The Power of “If… Then…”

Continuing our theme of powerfully facing our challenges, let’s talk about THE most powerful way science says we can rock it.

Remember Gabriele Oettingen and her WOOP process?

Wish. Outcome. Obstacles. Plan.

We get clarity on our ideal goal or Wish. We get fired up about the Outcome or benefits we’d like to experience. Then we rub that hoped-for future up against reality by identifying potential Obstacles. And, finally, we make a Plan to rock it.

(← WOOP is truly MAGIC, btw. If you’re not using that all day every day yet, get on that! Hah. Seriously.)



Here’s the cool thing. Gabriele’s husband actually came up with the most powerful way to come up with the Plan part. His name is Peter Gollwitzer.

He created something called “Implementation Intentions.”

Two little words we need to keep in mind: “If.” And “Then.”

IF x happens, THEN I will do y.

Odysseus: IF I am approaching the Sirens THEN I will tie myself to the mast so I won’t steer my ship into the rocks.

Me: IF I wake up in the morning, THEN I will meditate and do Deep Work before doing anything else. IF the sun goes down THEN all my electronics go off. IF I am feeling a little wobbly THEN I will think about what +1 tool I can use to eat the challenge like an energy bar.


IF _________________________.
THEN _____________________.

All day. Every day.

Implementation Intentions.

WOOP! That’s where it’s at.

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