#156 Sirens

What Song Do They Sing to YOU?

In our last +1 we talked about Odysseus and his contract with himself as he navigated past the Sirens. As we discussed, willpower scientists tell us that precommitments are where it’s at. Again: Play OFFENSE with your willpower rather than DEFENSE. Install habits that run on autopilot rather than fight temptation all day every day.

For now…

Let’s go back to Odysseus and how he dealt with the Sirens. As you may recall, he rocked his precommitment by tying himself to his mast while his sailors precommitted by plugging their ears with beeswax. Fantastic. Willpower used perfectly. Safe passage! #highfives to the whole crew!

For Today’s +1, I want to focus on those Sirens.

Of course, the whole reason Odysseus and his crew needed to be cautious in the first place was because those Sirens had a bad habit of seducing sailors with their songs—leading them to crash right into the rocks.

We all know that.


Did you know that the Sirens crafted their songs in such a way that each sailor heard a different tune?


The Sirens knew each of the sailors’ weaknesses and spoke directly to THAT flaw.

So… All of that begs this question: What song do the Sirens sing to YOU that get you to crash into the rocks?

When you’re a little tired and/or stressed and/or feeling a little less than awesome, what’s your #1 temptation?

→ _________________________________

Now a good time to eliminate it?

Fantastic. How?

Well, the wisest way to do it would be to play OFFENSE and do the little +1 things that keep you energized and powerfully meeting your challenges and eating your stress like energy bars such that you’re not constantly resisting the Siren song. Hence, our obsession with fundamentals and all that. (You do notice how the Sirens sing a LOT more when you’re fundamentals are weak, right?)


How can you +1 your fundamentals a little more?

I can and will do this: _______________________________.

Fantastic. Nice willpower offense.


Let’s say you feel tempted by the Sirens. It’s time to play defense. They’re singing your song. Yah, THAT one.

We need to know what you’ll do in advance. Precommit. Now.

If I hear the Siren singing this to me: ______________________________________

THEN I will do this: ____________________________________________.

Go get ‘em Odysseus! You’ve got this!!

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