#38 How to Schedule Your Best Work

Match Your Mental Energy to Your Task

Scott Adams created Dilbert. (Over 10,000 of them by now, actually.) He also wrote a great book called How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

In it, he tells us how he makes sure he gets his Deep Work done every day.

Scott is ALL about systems. Part of his systems for crushing it (again: 10,000 (!!!) Dilberts! ← Think about that for a moment…) is to match his mental energy to the task.

Very simply: He knows his energy is best in the morning. So, that’s when he does his important work. (aka Deep Work!)

His energy kinda sucks midafternoon, so that’s when he does the non-creative stuff like catching up on admin, etc.

That may sound incredibly obvious. And, well, that’s because it IS a super-obvious thing to do.

But, here’s the thing: Knowing what he knows, Scott is ruthless about scheduling his time.

N O T H I N G gets in the way of him doing his most important work first thing in the morning. He’s not blowing up his mind checking email and then dallying around the Internet and then trying to do great work.

He gets up. He hammers it. Repeat.

(x 10,000)

All of that brings us to the point of Today’s +1.

How about YOU?

When are you at your best creatively? Are you using that time to create?

How can you +1 it today?

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