#39 Deep Work + Team Work + Monkey Work

What Goes When for You?

In our last +1, we talked about matching your mental energy to the right task.

The essence of that? You don’t want to try to do your most important work when your brain is fried.

I like to think of this whole process of matching our task to our energy as Deep Work + Team Work + Monkey Work.

I do my Deep Work first thing every morning. As I’ve said countless times, you couldn’t pay me to go online before crushing it.

After a nice Deep Work time block, I like to check in with the Team quickly before my trail workout. Then breakfast/fam time then back to more Deep Work.

Then in the afternoons when the energy tends to be less than stellar? It’s usually Monkey Work—admin stuff that requires very little mental energy.

Deep Work. Team Work. Monkey Work.

As you craft your Masterpiece Days and match your mental energy to the right task, where do these time blocks fit for you?

Figure it out. Optimize the system.


+1. +1. +1.

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